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Royalty-Free Music,

Editor Tools for Unity & Unreal Engine,

Programming Freelance Services.



Based in Stockholm, Sweden, bibCorp sells products such as Royalty-Free music and editor tools for Unity & Unreal Engine, and offers services such as Programming Consultancy and general game design/development.

This website contains support links for purchased products, contact information, work request forms, as well as some portfolio highlights.

Robin Gerndt - CEO


Purry Furry Adventurry

"Help Kat escape from her loving owner in this cute little endless runner!"

Created in Unreal Engine.

Published on Steam.

Block Breaker Adventures

"Avoid falling blocks and blow them up before they surround you!"

Created in Unity.

Published on Google Play.

Original Music & Music Tools

Original soundtracks bundled into music packs and sold to game developers.

Game engine music tools.

Published on Unity Asset Store.


Purry Furry Adventurry

More Chaos!_cropped_optimized.gif

Created in Unreal Engine together with Ines Hilz. Developed in 2021 and released in February 2022 on Steam. Ines created all art assets and bibCorp provided code and original music. It was my first real experience working with the Unreal Engine and by the end of the project I felt competent to continue working in Unreal for more advanced projects. It was also my first experience with publishing a game on Steam, and after managing the entire process from start to finish I now feel competent with using their publishing pipeline as well. Being able to finally call myself a published video game composer also feels incredible since it has been a dream of mine for a very long time!


Block Breaker Adventures

"Avoid falling blocks and blow them up before they surround you!
Rescue the captured little cubies to upgrade your abilities!"

Created in Unity.

Published on Google Play.

A spare-time game dev experiment grew large enough to get published as a mobile game. The game is created in Unity, and features simple graphics and original music. The game incorporates ads in a non-intrusive way using Google AdMob.


Over 12 years experience composing music.

Main genre is orchestral music, but inspiration is drawn from all kinds of genres and instruments.

bibCorp Audio Logo - Black with outline.png

Modular Music Kit

An editor extension tool that allows customers who buy my Modular Music Packs to make modifications to the soundtracks. The tool allows you to edit tracks in real time and easily create new variations to fit different scenarios.

Modular Music Packs

Original music bundled into packs for game development.

Each soundtrack is set up so it can be modified by the developer.



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